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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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game stayed long after the game ended to cheer on their team. olympic gold medalist michael phelps, baltimore native. >> fans who couldn't make it, celebrate tomorrow. that's when there will be a super bowl parade in baltimore. the team is working out the details for the event. it will start at 11:00 in the morning. if you go out and get the baltimore sun, this is what you'll see on the cover. no clever headline. just the phrase that says it all. champs with ray lewis. the linebacker and team leader announced he was retiring after the season. what a way to go. >> then there was this problem. the mayor of new orleans expects -- the power went out at the superdome during the third quarter. look at that. it delayed the game for more than half an hour. both team's coaches pretty supplies the utility, detected an abnormality
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in the system. backup generators kicked in and they finished the game. th right after the beyonce performance. time for weather and traffic on 1s. tom kierein is here with your forecast. >> we had a little bit of light snow off and on. just a few clouds to the west and north. temperatures are down below freezing. most of the region. reagan national airport 2. it's in the low to mid 20s montgomery county. much of prince george's county the mid and upper 20s. in the mid to low 20s in a few locations northern virginia, arlington, fairfax, spotsylvaniament down to the low 20s right now. the winds are a little blustery,
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windchills in the teens. winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. by 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., a blustery wind. in the mid-20 ez a and partly cloudy. we'll have increasing clouds through the morning. by 9:00, a little below freezing. around 30 degrees. could get light snow tonight. we'll talk about that in ten minutes with my next update at 4:41. a look at your monday morning first 4 traffic with danella, thank you. >> in our area, pretty quiet. prince george's county passing good luck road, in good shape, from the american legion bridge, traveling the beltway in virginia, nice and clear. a live look past the wilson bridge. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. you can expect changes if you use the pentagon station.
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the south entrance of the station will be closed starting today so the agency can replace three escalators. when it's finished this fall, the escalators will be similar to those installed in the circle station. the north entrance will stay open during this construction. also starting today, people in loudoun county have a new way to commute as well. the new goose creek village park and ride opens at belmont ridge in ashburn. from there loudoun county transit and the tyson's express provide service to west falls church in the morning and afternoon rush. >> angie goff has breaking news. good morning. >> good morning to you. eight people dead, dozens hurt after a terrible bus crash in southern california. people were still being pulled from this wreckage hours after that crash. it happened on a mountain highway as a bus was leaving the big bear resort area and collided with a truck. still no word what caused this
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accident a the live did he say be, angie goff, news 4. it's now been a week since a gunman stormed an alabama school bus killing the driver and kidnapping a 5-year-old boy. 65-year-old albert lee poe letters junior is at the center of this standoff. dykes is described as a loner. he's in an underground bunker with the boy. they are talking with the two and delivered food, toys and medicine to the boy. as it drags on, hundreds gather to honor the bus driver killed trying to protect the children on the bus. he was remembered as a hero during his funeral yesterday. 20 other children were on the bus at the time of his death. the 66-year-old was praised for his character and devotion to the children of his community. 4:34 right now. today, president obama takes his push for gun control legislation on the road with a visit to minneapolis. the president will sit down with
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law enforcement leaders. many who handled a workplace shooting last september. five people were killed then. that meeting will happen blocks from where 5-year-old boy was killed this summer. the national rifle association continues to -- >> there's going to be law abiding people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare. there's going to be abuse in terms of prosecutions and it's all going to affect the only the law abiding people. the criminals could careless. >> this ad ran here in d.c. during the super bowl showing la pierre saying in 1999 that they supported background checks. >> state attorney general doug gants letter who host a meeting discussing curbing gun violence. incoming secretary of state john kerry will meet his new staff.
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kerry will address his new employees at 9:00 this morning at the state department. it was a busy first weekend for the former massachusetts senator. he talked to palestinian president mahmoud abbas and peres about the middle east peace process. he talked to officials from turkey, canada and mexico. nearly 10,000 low income youths between the ages of 16 and 24 do not have a job and aren't in school. raise d.c. includes kaya henderson and leaders from the business sector and other organizations. it's to help people in the district from the time they start school to job opportunities after high school. new developments surrounding the death of a former navy seal. what we're learning about the suspected killer. >> the penalties drivers in virginia could soon be facing if
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they're caught texting and driving. >> is that my wedding dress? >> from the funny to the tearjerker, the best and worst of this year's super bowl ads. it is 4:36 now. a chance of snow on the horizon. the changes you can expect in the forecast next with your weather and traffic on the 1s.
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all eyes are now on to new
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jersey for super bowl xlviii. already. yesterday before super bowl xlvii, louisiana governor bobby jindal and new jersey governor chris christie met to pass the torch from the big easy to the garden state. he gave christy mardi gras masks and a themed football. next game will be played at met life stadium and first open air bowl to be played in a cold weather climate. it will be interesting to see which teams make it. >> i think it was 27 degrees super bowl time in new york. it will be interesting, you're right. >> get all bundled up. >> i wouldn't want to sit in the audience. watch it on tv. let's check our forecast as we approach 4:41. tom kierein. >> there's a mostly clear sky over the monument with a live picture there. reagan national at 28. in the low to mid-20s in montgomery county, prince george's county. mid and upper 20s. that's the story in fairfax and
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arlington. off to a cold start this morning. in the wake of the flurries from yesterday, a partly cloudy morning. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. temperatures by noontime should be in the mid-30s. ought to hit the upper 30s between 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. as early as 8:00 p.m., all the way until past midnight, we're going to get a little more dusting of light snow. maybe a coating to an inch across northern district. the drik, nearby suburbs and maryland. maybe a little bit more, another fast moving weak disturbance beginning at 8:00 and ending by 2:00 a.m. cold start this more than. you definitely need your winter gear. your seven-day outlook coming up in ten minutes. first danella with your traffic. >> good morning. thanks, tom. traveling a in the area, still quiet. from stafford up to the beltway in both direction ares, no issues to report. let's move over to i-66.
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i'll find your roads open as well. a live look at sudley. no issues eastbound and westbound. clear, not even seeing construction this morning. inside the beltway, no issues as well. clear to the roosevelt bridge on 66. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> new developments at this hour out of mexico where the search for victims continues. >> making sure his memory lives on. how the city of new york plans to honor the life of the late mayor ed koch. >> the super bowl ads you'll be talking about at work today. plus the chance for you to weigh in on your
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news. u.s. and south korean warships are conducting naval exercises as tensions with north korea
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rises. south korean officials confirming that a three-day drill is under way right now off the coast of the korean peninsula. pyongyang calls it preparation for a preemptive strike on their country while south korea says it was planned before the north threatened do its third nuclear test. the u.s. and south korea believe the north's december rocket launch was a missile test. meanwhile, pyongyang denies it. angie goff, news 4. developing news out of mexico where the death toll continues to rise after an explosion. officials are reporting 36 casualties there. the attorney general in mexico says it's still too early to determine whether that blast was due to an attack, an accident or negligence. results from an investigation expected any day now. the pmx building in mexico is the second largest skyscraper there. police if texas say the man suspected of killing a former navy seal was an iraq war veteran. eddie ralph served in the marines from 2006 until 2010.
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he's currently on reserve duty. he's accused of killing chris kyle and another man at a texas gun range. ralph was arrested a short time later. he was unemployed and could have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. ralph is currently being held on $3 million bond. in the day ahead, former mayor of new york city, ed koch is getting a manhattan subway station named after him. it will be called mayor ed koch subway station. koch died of congestive heart failure last friday. he was 88. his funeral will be held today. members of the israeli consul general, mayor bloomberg and president clinton are scheduled to speak. president obama is urging the boy scouts of america to reverse it ban on homosexual members. during an interview yesterday the president said scouts provide great leadership training and no one should be banned from that.
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last week they said they were open to overturning that ban with a policy to let local troops sponsors make their own decision o n that issue. >> a prince george's county firefighter is waking up in the hospital after being injured fighting a fire in bowie. it broke out on sunday afternoon. a neighbor called 9-1-1 after someone knocked on his door to warn him about approximate the fire spreading. no one was inside at the time. the firefighter was burned on his back. esshe is expected to be okay. ravens quarterback joe flacco will be celebrating his team's super bowl victory in florida. he'll be part of a parade at disney world kingdom for being named super bowl mvp. it will be a good couple of months for flacco. he's a free agent and likely one of the highest paid quarterbacks. dan hellie was in new orleans for the game and has a closer look at how he led the ravens to victory. >> the ravens clearly relishing
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the role of underdogs. they were underdogs the entire post-season. when it mattered most, they played their best football. they beat the patriot and the broncos and now the san francisco 49ers in super bowl xlvii due in part to their quarterback. 11 touchdown passes, three of those coming in the super bowl here in new orleans against the 49ers and that's the reason he's the mvp. >> the bottom line is, the moment doesn't get too big. we're comfortable. we've been there before. we've failed before. we've succeeded before. we're not worried about the outcome. we go out there and play football, execute and we believe that if we do that and we do that to our ability, eventually it's going to work out. >> do you have your franchise quarterback? >> what you think? >> what do you think? >> 11 touchdowns in the playoffs. no interceptions. he beat the past, present and the future. he beat all three of them and he beat the gimmick offense boy.
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flacco. flacco. >> joe flacco going to get a big new contract and make a lot of money. he will probably be paid as one of the top five quarterbacks in the nfl and the ravens of course doing this for ray lewis who goes out on top. a super bowl champion for the second time in his career. he heads off into the sunset retiring from the game to watch his son play college football at the u. the same place he went to college. from new orleans, dan hellie, news 4 sports. before the kickoff to the super bowl, there was a special performance from the sandy hook elementary school chorus on center field. america, america ♪ god shed his grace on me ♪ >> 26 students from newtown, connecticut, the site of that deadly massacre in december sang america the beautiful with academy award winner jennifer hudson. it was an emotional tribute to
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the students and adults killed in that shooting. an anonymous donor paid for the students' trip. >> kelly and michelle help me sing this one. >> all the single ladies. all the single ladies. >> and beyonce brought it and her old bandmates, kelly and michelle from destiny's child to sing with her at the super bowl halftime show. the reunion was the worst september secret of the whole thing. they sang the hit song single ladies and their old hit independent women. after the performance beyonce announced she will go on a world tour called the mrs. carter show. that's jay-z's last name. it begins april 15th and the north america tour begins june 28th in los angeles. she'll perform in d.c. on july 29th. ticket go on sale today. >> let's go, aaron. >> no i'm not going. there's a lot of people on social media talking about the best commercials in the super bowl. here are a few of the favorites. >> daddy, can you play princess
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with me? >> sweetheart, i'd love to but the guys are outside waiting for me. >> i got doritos. >> steve, what is the holdup? >> ♪ >> climbed a mountain and i turned around. ♪ well i've been afraid -- >> this budweiser commercial featuring a clydesdale and his former owner won the ad meter title. we want to know which ones you like. go to our facebook page. "news4 today" and post yours. that was one of my favorites. i love the god made a former one and the tribute to jeep. >> it was not that doritos commercial and the goat one. the guy who wants to sell his goat.
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hilarious. 4:51 is our team. we turn to meteorologist tom kierein to get a look at this, more snowy guess. >> we keep getting these little snow thingies that come on through. >> meteorological term, thingies. >> not much. but enough to coat the ground. between now and then, we've got a partly cloudy sky. there's the washington monument. 28 at reagan national. we've got a calm wind. it was blustery just about the last couple of hours. but the wind has settled down a little bit. the windchill is down as well. as we have the winds blustery north and west of us. clouds are coming and going. it's mostly clear. starting off with the winter constellations overhead. the temperatures in prince george's county, mid-20 eads. arlington and fairfax, mid and upper 20s. parts of northern virginia and into the schenn dough valley also.
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hour by hour throughout the day, our temperatures will be gradually climbing to the mid and upper 30s by mid-afternoon. a mostly cloudy sky by then. the winds will be lighter. beginning at 8:00 p.m., we could have some of this light snow moving through between 8:00 p.m. all the way until 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. just some light snow coming through. just enough to coat the ground and make things a little slippery. may get a coating to an inch. including arlington fairfax, and the suburbs in maryland near the bay. farther north and west, way out in western maryland, some of the highlands in west virginia might get an inch or 2 out of it. it's a light fast-moving system. tomorrow, warming up. a lot of it will be melting. in the mid-40s in the afternoon. could get more snow, flurries or another light coating late on tuesday night. after that, we get the sunshine back for a couple of days. warming into the 40s on wednesday and thursday as well as on friday and into the
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weekend. friday might get some rain. no snow and we'll have it dry for the weekend. it does look like we'll be in the 20s in the mornings on saturday, sunday. in the 40s during the afternoons. i'm back in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. >> thanks, tom. traveling around the roadways, still checking things out and pretty quiet. we'll check i-95 and bw parkway in maryland between the bowie and the capital beltway. a live look at i-95 at 198. travel lanes are open. very light volume this morning. it's good if you're about to head out of house. smooth sailing for you. checking local roads in maryland. no issues to report if you're traveling along 29 here's a look at fairland. downtown silver spring, nice and clear in both directions. back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. >> 4:54 now. in the past few weeks, you noticed it's costing more to fill up your tank. the national average is up 16 cent from a week ago to 3:51. our area is seeing similar price hikes. d.c. drivers are paying $3.69.
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12 cents more than a week ago. virginia is still the cheapest in the region, paying $3.40. a jump of 14 cents. maryland has seen a hike of 14 cents, they're paying $3.53 a gallon. in west virginia, drivers are paying $3.63 a gallon. virginia lawmakers will push for harsher punishments for drivers who text behind the we will wheel. a senate committee considers a bill increeing the fine from $20 to $250 for a first offense and it makes it a primary offense as well. that means police can stop you solely for texting. right now an officer can only cite a driver for texting if they're committing an offense like speeding. the house will rovote tomorrow. 29 degrees. were you one of the many who enjoyed their favorite junk food during the super bowl. >> you might be feeling guilty about it this morning. at 5:20, why when you eat may be as important as what you eat
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when you're trying to lose weight. sounding off about a controversial tenure in the district. the special honor for one. pioneers of the civil rights movement.
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former d.c. public schools chancellor releases a new book called "radicals ". her tenure was mired in controversy after she closed 23 schools and fired 36 principals during her first year. yesterday she reflecked on her
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work in d.c. on first week. >> my style is deliberative and very focused on doing what's right for kids. i wouldn't change that so much. what we were doing, i think we're absolutely the right things. i needed to focus a little bit more on how we were communicating those things and how we were doing things. should i have fired ineffective principals? probably. should i have done so on national tv. probably not. >> after being defeated in the primary, she's now the heads of students first, pushing for education reform. happening today in honor of what could have been her 100th birthday, the postal service will release a forever stamp of rosa parks. she's credited with jump-starting the bus boycotts when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. the stamp is the second in a series of three civil rights stamps being released this year. they're on sale nationwide beginning today. >> i'm going to get some of


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